World Prematurity Day Toolkit

A suite of resources for World Prematurity Day have become available for health services to show support.

We continue to strive to provide our participating hospitals teams with a wealth of tools and resources to help them facilitate the implementation and promotion of their clinical improvements.

In the lead up to World Prematurity Day 2023, we have created a marketing and comms toolkit to assist our teams in creating awareness of this important date and to showcase our valued consumers and their lived experiences.

World Prematurity Day highlights the premature birth of more than 13.4 million babies each year worldwide. We would like to see your hospital LIGHT IT PURPLE for preterm infants and think about what event or activation you can hold. You can register to Light It Purple through the Miracle Babies Foundation here.

World Prematurity Day Toolkit

These resources have the capacity to be co-branded and customized with your health service to speak about some of your system improvements and events underway to celebrate World Prematurity Day.

World Prematurity Day Media Release

World Prematurity Day Stickers

World Prematurity Day Stickers – My Preemie Weight

World Prematurity Day FAQs

Every Week Counts National Collaborative World Prematurity Media Materials Cheat Sheet

A3 Poster & A3 Poster Print-Ready

Facebook We Support Header

Social Media Tiles National Collaborative Branded

Social Media Tiles for Co-branding

Twitter Header

Formatted stickers that can be printed in-house using these labels from Officeworks – Avery 12UP Inkjet Laser Removable Round Labels White 10 Sheet