Our Team

Our team are committed and passionate about meeting the vision of WHA.

WHA is proud to have a dedicated and enthusiastic team of staff working in our Canberra/Ngunnawal office, which we share with our partner organisation, Children’s Healthcare Australasia.   

The services we offer members would not be possible without the dedication, energy and inspiration of the WHA staff. We have a diverse and skilful team of people who give their all to support this organization to achieve its mission – spreading excellence & innovations in healthcare for women, newborns and their families. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff on 02 6185 0325 if we can be of assistance.

Our team

Barb Vernon

Chief Executive Officer

Kelly Eggleston

Executive Assistant

Business & Finance

Gill McGaw, Business Manager 

Sharon Dohlad, Finance Officer 


Elijah Zhang, Benchmarking Manager 

Shirley Zhou, Benchmarking Data Analyst

Darcy Gooday, Benchmarking Assistant

Jaimei Shen, Benchmarking Assistant

Roman Dong, Benchmarking Assistant

Liyou You, Benchmarking Assistant

Yixia Sun, Benchmarking Assistant

Samuel McFadden, Benchmarking Assistant

Member Networks

Leila Kelly, Networking Coordinator 

Jenny Taylor, Admin Assistant

Alison Niyonsenga, Networking Assistant

Yian Noble, Admin & Event Assistant

IT Systems

Michael Vernon, IT Systems Administrator 

Patricia Clemente, Website & IT Support 

Peter OslingtonWebsite & IT Support 

Vivien Nguyen, IT & Website Support Assistant

Collaborative Improvement 

Adele Kelly, Collaborative Quality Improvement Coordinator 

Sarah ElliotClinical Projects Coordinator 

Katie Venikova, WHA Collaborative Project Support Officer

Laura Larkins, Research Program Coordinator

Annabelle Hopwood, Clinical Projects & Research Assistant


Alex Gomez, Graphic Designer

Kasia Pownall, Graphics Assistant