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WHA is the peak body for hospitals providing maternity & women's healthcare across Australia with more than 75 member services. WHA members support nearly 130,000 women to give birth every year across Australia, making us the largest women’s health advocacy, networking & maternity benchmarking organisation in Australia.

Upcoming WHA Events 2016

WHA Executives of Nursing - Box Hill Hospital, Eastern Health, Melbourne - 8th March

This event is specifically designed for Executives of Nursing & Midwifery. Topics of discussion at this years meeting will be:

· Discussion about the outcomes from the most recent WHA Benchmarking Maternity Care Report

· Presentations from eminent speakers such as A/Prof Hanna Dahlen—Uni of Western Sydney

This day will be held back-to-back with the CHA Executives face-to-face meeting which will be held on the 7th March at Box Hill Hospital. Click here to register

WHA Benchmarking Meeting — North Sydney - 16th May

This event is a must do for senior execs and clinical leaders. It will highlight:

· Presentations from services on how they have improved their performance

· Discussion of the findings from a costing study in South Australia—presented by Roz Donnellan-Fernandez

· The why’s & wherefores of bundled pricing for maternity services—presented by Prof Sally Tracy

This day will be held back-to-back with the CHA benchmarking meeting which will be held in the same venue on the 17th May. Click here to register

WHA Small Service & Strengthening Maternity Outcomes Meeting — Perth - 20th & 21st June

This meeting will ask questions like: How low can you go in terms of size with maternity service delivery? Eminent researchers and clinical leaders will take part in the conversation. Representatives of small services from all states will be present and they will provide a rich picture of what is currently being achieved. We will look specifically at the WHA small service maternity outcomes benchmarking reports. There will be opportunities to compare these with trend data from maternity outcomes achieved over many years. There will be an opportunity for services to talk about the hard questions for smaller services like: What is variation within acceptable limits? How will we know when we are inside this? Click here to register

WHA Special Interest Groups

WHA has 11 Special Interest Groups that meet regularly by teleconference to share information, ideas, tools and resources on solutions to common problems and innovative practices to improve outcomes.