Welcome to WHA!

WHA is the peak body for hospitals providing maternity & women's healthcare across Australia. With more than 90 member services, WHA members support nearly 150,000 women to give birth every year across Australia, making us the largest women’s health advocacy, networking & maternity benchmarking organisation in Australia.

WHA welcomes new members South Australia Country Health Local Health Network

Country Health SA Local Health Network (CHSALHN) is part of SA Health which oversees the rural health system in South Australia.  There are 21 services across Country SA which will take part in WHA. They are transforming health care and delivering health benefits to rural and remote South Australia.

WHA major projects - Reducing rates of Induction of Labour and first time Caesarean Section

WHA is undertaking 2 major projects. Members are working towards a reduction in the rate of Caesarean Section for first time mothers and to reduce the number of women who progress to Induction of Labour. First steps have included the development of a consensus statement on best practice Labour and birth care for first time mothers. The consensus statement was recently released for comment and will be finalised soon. The caesarean section work has included specifying appropriate data elements from the Robson Classification. Now services around the country are ready to move forward with this project. WHA will generate Australia widespread change in this area through the use of a broad-based Collaborative.

What WHA’s work will offer

WHA will ensure the effective & efficient transfer of best practice in prevention of caesarean section for first time mothers across the wider hospital environment in Australia. To maximise efficiency WHA will leverage international best practice in improvement methodology. For 20 years the Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI based in the United States) has convened an improvement group focused around reducing elective caesarean sections. Unsurprisingly some of their headline efforts have been focused in countries other than the US, with Latin America and in particularly Brazil being a key focus of attention. Information on this can be accessed here. Similarly in the UK the NHS Rapid Improvement Programme for caesarean section began in April 2008 information on this initiative can be found here. A significant improvement in outcomes has been seen utilising this tired & true methodology.

  • Reducing first time Caesarean Section (further information can be found here), and
  • Reducing Induction of Labour (IOL) rates for first time mothers - Comments can be made on the consensus statement by using this link. More information on our IOL project can be found here

Upcoming WHA Events 2016

WHA Safety & Quality Forum

This forum will focus on following up on WHA's 2 major projects, those being; reducing Induction of Labour and Caesarian Section. The agenda for this meeting will be released shortly. If you would like to register an interest in attending this meeting (to be held in Brisbane on the 14th & 15th November) please e-mail Michelle here.

WHA Special Interest Groups

WHA has 11 Special Interest Groups that meet regularly by teleconference to share information, ideas, tools and resources on solutions to common problems and innovative practices to improve outcomes. To take part in one of these groups please e-mail us