Consumer Engagement

‘Nothing about us without us;’
Healthcare consumers play a vital role in strengthening the safe, quality and value of healthcare services.  The Breakthrough Collaborative approach seeks to involve consumers at every level of the design & delivery of the improvement work that occurs.  

WHA and our partner organisations welcome input for women with lived experience of preterm and/or early term birth in this historic national Collaborative.  

There are several ways in which interested women and their families can contribute:
    • by completing a survey to share your experiences
    • by offering to share your experiences in person at our Learning Sessions (with up to 250 delegates)
    • by applying to participate in the Collaborative as a consumer representative
    • by agreeing to join the improvement team at a participating hospital to support the clinicians with their efforts to improve care and outcomes for women and babies

Complete a survey of your experience of preterm or early term birth  

Apply to participate in the Collaborative as a Consumer

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