Consumer Engagement

‘Nothing about us without us;’

Healthcare consumers play a vital role in strengthening the safe, quality and value of healthcare services.  The Breakthrough Collaborative approach seeks to involve consumers at every level of the design & delivery of the improvement work that occurs. 

The consumer role in the collaborative will be to;   

  • Ensuring the strategies developed are considerate of the perspective of the women and their families 
  • Support delivery of key messages to build understanding of the importance of birth after 39 weeks 
  • Build the ‘Will’ within maternity consumer networks to advocate for change around preterm and early term birth prevention   

How will consumers be involved?  

Consumers will be involved in multiple ways ensuring there is strong consumer partnering at all levels of the National Collaborative including;  

  • Appointment of a Consumer Lead to bring the lived experience perspective to all project meetings  
  • Formation of a Consumer Advisory Group who will develop content, provide feedback and participate in teaching and learning opportunities   
  • Involvement in the Expert Panel that will inform the program content   
  • A survey of preterm birth experience, to gain wide input from diverse range of women and families

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Shared Decision-Making Poster for Consumers

Download this A3 poster to put on display in your hospital today. This poster has been designed in A3 size and is recommended to print on a thicker gsm (200gsm) for longer use and clarity of text and colour. 

Shared Decision-Making Brochure for Consumers

Download this A4 (flat), DL (folded) brochure. If printing in house, print on A4 size thicker gsm paper (recommend 160-200gsm) and for double-sided printing, print on the short edge.