Supporting improved care and outcomes through collaboration among member services using evidence based quality improvement methodology.

Our Approach

WHA is committed to supporting  health services and care providers to achieve safe, high quality and equitable care in partnership with women and their families. 

WHA works with its member services to identify priority areas and provides opportunities to work together, to share learning, expertise and to collaborate on topics of interest. 

Opportunities available to members include the ability to; 

  • Participate in National Breakthrough Collaboratives on priority topics 
  • Access collaboratively developed resources 
  • Participate in Learning Networks on topics of interest  
  • Learn from and connect with national & international experts 
  • Share data and learn from peers

Breakthrough Collaboratives

National Collaborative Projects on priority topics using the Science of Improvement to support services to achieve improvements in care and outcomes for women and familes.

Partnering with Women

WHA is committed to supporting health services to partner effectively with women and their families and to facilitate shared decision-making and co-design of services.