Benchmarking Data at Your Fingertips

WHA datasets provide a rich source of insight for service and clinical leaders eager to enhance care and outcomes for women & newborns. This data is now accessible 24/7.

To help Service Leaders to access timely benchmarking data related to the performance of their Women’s & Newborn’s service, WHA has developed a secure online data portal in Tableau.

The portal contains a range of dashboards aimed at supporting comparative analysis of operational performance issues such as: 

  • overall trends in demand for maternity, newborn and women’s healthcare to help with anticipating future workforce & skillmix needs 
  • comparative profiles women’s health services, including gynaecology and mental health, to help with identifying opportunities to enhance the value of local services for similar women 
  • comparative cost and cost saving opportunities 
  • comparative workforce resources 

The portal also includes a growing array of dashboards aimed at informing improvements in clinical care and outcomes for women in your maternity care service.   

WHA is continually developing the portal in consultation with members to enhance the value of the data being shared by member services.