Our Position and Advocacy

WHA is a respected advocate for the maternity services sector.  WHA consults closely with its members on each issue and can speak on behalf of the sector without the restrictions that can apply to individuals employed by a given health service. 

Government agencies and other stakeholders seek advice from WHA on a wide range of issues related to the provision of maternity & newborn care.   

We take this responsibility seriously and ensure that all advice or advocacy provided is credible, factual and informed by our members. 

Learn more about our position and advocacy work concerning the following priorities:

Partnering with First Nations people

First Nations people have called for a community-led, strengths-based approach, one that values their experience.  

WHA is committed to supporting health services and professionals to recognise and improve the disparity in health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and pledge our ongoing support to the goal of achieving health equity.  

Sustainable Healthcare

A strategic priority for WHA is to advocate for a healthy sustainable future for women their children, families and the planet.  To achieve this we work with our members to enable women’s healthcare services to share practical innovations and strategies related to renewable energy, efficient design, sustainable supplies and recycling waste.

We are currently updating our website – additional areas of advocacy will be published here. Please contact us if you have any questions.