With more than 155 maternity units participating, from the largest to the smallest, WHA’s Benchmarking Program is a robust and trusted resource for leaders of women’s healthcare services. We provide meaningful comparisons among peer services that help each service to appreciate both their key strengths as well as opportunities for improving care and outcomes.

Every maternal & newborn service is unique, serving different local communities, having different facilities, expertise and capabilities.  Yet there is a lot services have in common and much they can learn from one another in their shared commitment to deliver the best possible care to women and babies.

All member health services are welcome to participate in our Benchmarking Program.  Find out what’s on offer and how to participate.

Trends in Maternity Care

What's changing in terms of the profile of women needing maternity care?

What trends are evident in how care is being provided?

What outcomes are being experienced by women and their babies?

WHA ‘s long running maternity care benchmarking tells an important story.

Benchmarking Resources for Service Leaders

To enhance the value of women’s healthcare services, leaders need meaningful peer comparisons that help them to recognise the strengths of their service and to identify areas for potential improvement.

That’s why WHA’s Benchmarking Program is such a strong and trusted resource for service leaders.

New Benchmarking Initiatives

As Women’s and Newborns health services strive to continuously improve their care & services, so WHA strives to continually enhance our Benchmarking Program and the insights it can generate to support service and clinical leaders.