Benchmarking Resources for Service Leaders

To enhance the value of womens & newborns healthcare services, leaders need meaningful peer comparisons that help them to recognise the strengths of their own service & to identify areas for potential improvement.

Our Benchmarking Program offers a unique opportunity to share data with and learn from peer women’s & newborns services.  WHA’s members care for 86% of women giving birth in a public hospital each year.  This provides a rich opportunity for robust benchmarking and sharing of improvements and innovations.   

Whether you are an Executive leader of a women’s healthcare service or a local innovator in a ward, unit or clinic, our Benchmarking Program helps you to understand comparative performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and discover innovations that are making a difference for women & their babies, families and communities. 

Learn more about Benchmarking resources for service leaders:

Benchmarking Service Efficiency

WHA’s Activity and Costing Benchmarking provides valuable insight into comparative demand, efficiency and costs of care in relation to peer women’s and newborn’s services.

Benchmarking Maternity Care & Outcomes

Our Benchmarking Maternity care reports assist services to evaluate the safety and quality of their labour and birth care in relation to peers.

Benchmarking for Midwifery Group Practice

WHA assists member healthcare services to share comparative data on MGP models and their outcomes for women and newborns.

Benchmarking Data at Your Fingertips

WHA datasets provide a rich source of insight for service and clinical leaders eager to enhance care and outcomes for women and newborns. This data is now accessible 24/7.

Executive Benchmarking Briefings

Want help making sense of what your benchmarking reports mean for your women’s and newborn’s service? We are only too happy to help.