This is going to be BIG! Are you ready to step forward?

This July, step forward to raise funds for safer births and better healing by joining the Australasian Birth Trauma Association's first annual BIG Step Challenge.

You can go it solo or grab some friends and family and challenge yourself to take 110,000 steps during Birth Trauma Awareness Week, 16th -23rd July. That’s one step for every family impacted by birth-related trauma in Australia each year.  

Get Stepping

It’s your challenge – do it your way. You can walk, shuffle, run or dance. You can challenge yourself to take one step, a 1,000, 10,000 or 110,000 steps – it doesn’t matter which just step forward for safer births and better healing.

Step Together

A step shared is an easier step to take. Involving others with your BIG Step Challenge will not only help you reach your goal, but it will help with motivation or limitations. Starting a conversation will also help your community understand more about birth-related trauma and let people know that help and support are possible.

Can't Step?

If stepping isn’t your thing, don’t let that hold you back – take the challenge your way. Read 110,000 words, bake 110 cakes (send some our way), knit 110,000 stitches or challenge yourself to do something you love for 110,000 seconds. It doesn’t matter what your BIG Step Challenge is as long as you step forward with us.

Ready to step forward?

However you decide to do this challenge, encourage people to step forward and join us by sharing this email with your family, friends or colleagues. Together we can achieve our vision of safer births, and better healing.