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17 May 2022 12:30pm - 1:30pm AEST


Jacqueline Ah Kit
Director, Aboriginal Health - Women's & Children's Health Network SA

Jackie was born in Darwin and raised in the Northern Territory and is the proud descendant of a Warramunga woman and a Waanyi man. For nearly three decades, Jackie has worked in senior management roles leading high profile and innovative programs within complex human services organisations. Jackie has a strong interest in increasing the Aboriginal workforce; developing systems that encourage and enable Aboriginal staff to project and protect their culture and heritage in the workplace; and is committed to improving the cultural competency of services across South Australia.

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Date: 17 May 2022
Time: 12:30pm – 1:30pm AEST


Zoom Meeting

Cultural Safety Framework - It is everyone’s business

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Maternity Car

Zoom Meeting


The SA Health Aboriginal Cultural Learning Framework moves beyond a simple tick-box approach to cultural competency encouraging learning and development on an individual, system and organisational level across five key themes:

  • Impact of History on Aboriginal Health Outcomes
  • Respect for Aboriginal Culture
  • Health of Aboriginal People
  • Communicating with Aboriginal People
  • Development of Cultural Self-Awareness

In this presentation learn how the WCHN in South Australia have implemented the Framework with numerous projects including:

Throughout the presentation, the presenter will give some key examples of how the Framework has been implemented in our Network, including the Women’s and Children’s Hospital; and discuss how health services can partner with, and support, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff to ensure workplaces are culturally safe.