WHA National Collaborative

Reducing harm from third and fourth degree perineal tears 


Women’s Healthcare Australasia is currently conducting a National Quality Improvement Collaborative with the aim of reducing harm to women from perineal tears. 



In response to concerns by member hospitals over a number of years about increasing rates of third and fourth degree perineal tears, a strategic partnership was formed with the NSW Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) . Additional  support was provided by  Safer Care Victoria and the Clinical Excellence Division of Queensland Health. This unique collaboration brings together frontline maternity clinicians with world experts in quality improvement science and leaders who are passionate  and committed to improving outcomes for women.    

The National Collaborative draws on improvement methodologies developed by the US Institute for Healthcare Improvement. It  relies on spreading and adapting existing knowledge of best practice care to multiple settings for a common aim. 

Further information is available on;

  • The methodology being used in the WHA National Collaborative is avaible here
  • Why the WHA is working to prevent third and fourth degree tears here.