Reducing Harm from Perineal Tears

Reducing harm from perineal tears 

Women’s Healthcare Australia (WHA) is committed to supporting member hospitals to work together to  improve  the safety and quality of care provided to women and newborns.  

In response to concerns by member hospitals over a number of years WHA supported 28 maternity hospitals from across Australia to work together in 2018, to reduce the numbers of women experiencing perineal harm during the birth of their baby. 

The following short video clip outlines the key improvements in rates of perineal tears achieved by the participating maternity hospitals.  Further information is available on the Celebrating Success page via this link

Ongoing efforts are in place to continue to support WHA member services interested in reducing this harm to women. WHA member hospitals with an interest in improving care for women by reducing rates of third and fourth degree tears are invited to join WHA’s Life QI portal and to share with peers their experience of using quality improvement methods to reduce rates of severe perineal tears and to sustain reduced rates over time.

If you are interested in viewing the LifeQI site or would like to take WHA up on the offer to have a Life QI log in and collaborate with peer services through WHA please contact our Quality Improvement Coordinator, Adele Kelly on

Further information is available on:

  • The methodology used in the WHA National Collaborative via this link  
  • The success of team in reducing rates of harm via this link