Benchmarking with peers is one of the most important tools available to health services seeking to assess the quality, safety and efficiency of care delivered across women's health services.

It is equally important to determine whether the variation between periods is what would be expected, or whether it is due to a special cause. Such information has enduring value over time, but is particularly relevant in the context of significant policy and political focus on the efficiency of government spending on public hospital services. 

WHA collects two different forms of data to assist members to assess and compare their performance with peers:

  • Activity and Costing data reflecting your throughput, classification and reported cost of care (Activity & Costing Reporting), and
  • a dashboard of clinical indicators Benchmarking Maternity Care (BMC) reporting.  

All WHA members are invited annually to participate in benchmarking their performance through sharing their activity and costing data for analysis & comparison with peer services. WHA has been reporting activity and costing benchmarks for women’s services for more than 10 years.  In 2014, WHA developed a template to provide benchmarking information to members that is tailored to each participating health service.  This information is intended to make it easier for each health service to identify issues with either their data or their performance, and to digest relevant information to support their work. 

This information considers the performance of participating member maternity services in relation to five main clusters of high volume DRGs common to maternity and women’s health services, as agreed among members:

  • Vaginal Delivery
  • Caesarean Delivery
  • Neonates
  • Gynaecology
  • Women’s Health

Through WHA's benchmarking service, members can identify how their service compares with similar services. Participation also allows members to identify areas where their service is doing well, as well as areas where improvement may be needed.

Participating members receive:

  • Print and digital copies of annual benchmarking report
  • Individualised Report that includes trend and comparative data
  • Ongoing support from our Benchmarking team
  • Access to secure, on-line data portal for analysis of data
  • Evidence of benchmarking participation to assist with accreditation
  • Discounted registration to the WHA annual benchmarking workshop

Benchmarking Maternity Care (clinical indicators)
For any queries relating to BMC benchmarking please call Heather Artuso on 02 6175 1900 or email.

Activity & Costing - measuring relative efficiency and reported cost differentials
For any queries relating to Activity & Costing benchmarking please contact Elijah Zhang on 02 6175 1900 or email.