About Us

Welcome to Women's Healthcare Australasia (WHA).

Women's Healthcare Australasia (WHA) is a non-profit community of more than 120 women's hospitals and maternity units throughout Australia.  Originally established in 1994 by the then Chief Executives of the Women's Hospitals to help staff of these services to share information, WHA has since expanded into a vibrant community of more than 120 maternity hospitals and units across Australia.  This includes the largest tertiary maternity services in capital cities through to the smallest rural and remote maternity services and every type of service in between. 

WHA's vision is to enhance the health and wellbeing of women and babies by supporting maternity hospitals and health care services in Australia to achieve excellence in clinical care of women and newborns.  

We understand that managers and clinicans involved in the care of women and newborns face similar challenges, despite each service being unique.  We recognise that the expertise for addressing these common challenges, and for coming up with innovative solutions, lies within the member community.  That's why our primary focus is on helping managers and clinicians of maternity services to network with one another, to share their ideas and expertise efficiently.  We facilitate the spread of best practice.

When a maternity service joins WHA, all managers & clinicians involved in providing care to women and newborns are welcome to access an extensive range of Special Interest Groups (SIGs), face to face networking meetings, and secure online forums.   These services make it easy to meet and interact with peers with similar challenges and responsibilities in other maternity services.  WHA members are generous in sharing their expertise, ideas and resources through WHA networks.  Everyone is motivated by the same thing: making things better for women and newborns in our care.  

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