Childhood Stroke Webinar: Perinatal Stroke Focus

Perinatal stroke can occur any time from the middle of pregnancy to the first month after birth. 
Up to 600 children will have a stroke in Australia this year, affecting 1 in every 1,100 newborns.

In this focus on Perinatal stroke, we join Associate Professor Mark Mackay, Dr Sarah Curnow & Dr Mardee Greenham to discuss the:

  • Incidence of perinatal stroke
  • Risk factors for perinatal stroke
  • Symptoms and signs of perinatal stroke
  • Diagnosis of perinatal stroke
  • Treatment options
  • Long term outcomes following perinatal stroke
  • Perinatal Stroke Guidelines
  • Resources available for perinatal stroke

Presented by:

Associate Professor Mark Mackay
Paediatric Neurologist & Director of the Neurology Department at The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.  Mark is recognised nationally & internationally for his contribution to childhood stroke clinical care & research.  His interest areas include understanding the causes & consequences of perinatal & childhood stroke & increasing access to treatments to save viable brain. 
Dr Sarah Curnow
Sarah is a Paediatric Neurologist at the Royal Children’s Hospital. She has an interest in neonatal neurology and perinatal stroke. Her research involves developing a clinical guideline for the diagnosis and management of perinatal stroke, as well as the use of advanced imaging techniques to evaluate clinical outcomes. 
Dr Mardee Greenham
Mardee has over 15 years’ experience in childhood stroke research and led the development of Australia’s first clinical guideline for child stroke rehabilitation. Mardee is currently leading childhood stroke work at Stroke Foundation, where she is working alongside a group of people with lived experience, developing vital resources to support families affected by childhood stroke.