NEW culturally appropriate Safer Baby resources for First Nations & migrant and refugee women

The Stillbirth CRE is pleased to announce that new culturally appropriate pregnancy resources for First Nations women, as well as migrant and refugee women, are now available.  

Stillbirth rates are significantly higher among First Nations and some migrant and refugee communities, compared to the general population. We need to tackle this by ensuring these communities have care and resources that meet their needs. 

These new free, culturally sensitive resources, which have been carefully co-designed with the communities we are seeking to reach, will be central to the work we now need to do to reduce the burden of stillbirth among women at greatest risk. Attendees at the National Stillbirth Forum this week were given an early preview of these sensational new assets.  

The suite of in-language resources, called ‘Stronger Bubba Born‘ and ‘Growing a Healthy Baby‘, have been developed from the evidence-based Safer Baby Bundle to improve maternity care for these communities and contribute to reducing stillbirth rates in Australia by 20 per cent. 

About Stronger Bubba Born 

For First Nations women and their families to reduce the risk of Sorry Business Baby (stillbirth), the new Stronger Bubba Born resources include flyers and videos that are available at the Stronger Bubba Born website. These resources were developed by the Stillbirth CRE Indigenous research team with the guidance of the Indigenous Advisory Group. Delivery partner Curtin University supported the extensive consultation and co-design process. The National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) and the Waminda South Coast Women’s Health and Wellbeing Aboriginal Corporation are also collaborators with the CRE on their Indigenous work. 

About Growing a Healthy Baby (migrant and refugee)  

Arabic, Dari, Dinka and Karen-speaking communities now have access to important tailored information in the form of a written booklet, summary video and self-paced digital booklet with audio. These resources are now available at the Growing a Healthy Baby website. A network of community groups and healthcare educators from the Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health (MCWH) and the Stronger Futures CRE at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) worked with the Stillbirth CRE to develop these in-language resources. 

This important work has involved two years of consultation and development and is an extension of the Safer Baby Bundle created by the Stillbirth CRE. The cultural adaptation of the Safer Baby Bundle has been funded by the Australian Government. 

In addition, this latest information has also been translated into 25 languages and is available on the CRE’s Safer Baby website, and available with all resources for healthcare professionals at