Announcing our 2022 Medal of Distinction recipient – Prof Leonie Callaway

Professor Callaway’s contribution to women’s and newborn health in the Australian population, includes: 1) National guidelines: She led the development of national clinical practice guidelines for the management of pre-gestational diabetes and screening for gestational diabetes (GDM); and, 2) Translation of Research into Practice including research regarding breastfeeding and insulin therapy in women with type 1 diabetes underpins the practical advice provided in national guidelines.

She has also led significant improvement into health systems, services, policy, programs, specifically writing, implementing and evaluating local and state-wide clinical practice guidelines (Obesity, Diabetes, Growth Restriction, Obstetric Cholestasis, Hypertension, Thromboembolism, COVID-19 and pregnancy). She also led the simplification of GDM screening processes during the pandemic in Qld, adopted Australia wide and internationally, with publications in press. She has >20 local, inter/national presentations about compassionate clinical care for larger bodied women (based on her research about childhood trauma), with consistent feedback that these profoundly affect clinician attitudes and clinical practice.