WHA Medal of Distinction 2019

Recipient Announced on the Evening of 26 November 2019!

Women's Healthcare Australasia were thrilled to announce the recipient of the 2019 WHA Medal of Distinction, Professor Caroline Homer, at the annual WHA Safety & Quality in Maternity Care Face to Face Insight Forum in Sydney. Professor Caroline Homer was awarded for improving the health of women and infants through outstanding contribution to research, midwifery leadership and maternity services in Australia. Caroline is currently the Co Program Director for Maternal and Child Health at the Burnett Institute in Melbourne, as well as holding a host of visiting Professor positions with universities in Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, and further afield at Kings College, London and Cardiff University in Wales. She has a remarkable career in maternity services incorporating leadership in midwifery, clinical maternity care, hospital services design & development, education and research. She has been a driver of maternity services across the nation for the past two decades. WHA would like to congratulate Professor Caroline Homer for her successes in delivering the best possible care to women and babies.

There were truly outstanding submissions this year, with some very worthy nominees, all of whom should be congratulated for their highly valued contributions to women's healthcare in Australasia.  The nominee list for this year, all of whom received awards for recognition of their achievements, include:

Debra Jeavons
Karyn Wilson
Sharon Weymouth
Susan Foyle