Past Webinars

Below you will find links to webinars that Women's Healthcare Australasia has hosted:

Vaginal Birth After Caesarean Section:
Dr Andrew Pesce, from Westmead Hospital, discusses the challenges and successes encountered while supporting women to have their next birth after cesarean section. Dr Andrew Pesce is a visiting Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Westmead Hospital. Westmead Hospital has integrated care for women with previous caesarean section into its antenatal and intrapartum models of care. 
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Strengthening Hospital Responses to Family Violence: 
About: The hospital service is an early contact point for many people who have experienced family violence, presenting an opportunity for earlier identification, and improved responses and referral of victims.

The Royal Women’s Hospital and Bendigo Health project "Strengthening Hospital Responses to Family Violence" to support hospital staff to respond sensitively and appropriately when they treat women and children who have experienced family violence.They considered ways to strengthen their relationships with the integrated family violence system. This included working closely with local community services that support women and children experiencing family violence.
The challenges are how to find time for staff training, documentation - extra work, assessing, screening and collating across the whole service. The WCHA Allied Health Special Interest Group organised this webinar to discuss Family Violence.
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The Complaining Patient
About: Learn the reality of the complaint environment in Australia as well as the strategies you can utilise to minimise the escalation from local level and hospital based complaints to more formal health complaints commissioner or AHPRA complaints.Find out the patient groups most likely to complain and the practitioner group most likely to be subject of a complaint. Learn from the lessons of your colleagues who both manage complaints well and those that have not.
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Water Immersion during labour and water birth
About: The development of a statewide policy for the use of water during labour and/or birth was initiated following a response to increasing consumer demand in Western Australia. The clinical guideline is intended to ensure the safety, as far as possible, for women choosing the option of immersion in water for labour and/ or birth for themselves and their unborn/newborn babies.
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Shoulder Dystocia and the Litigation Risks
About: Have you ever managed a shoulder dystocia? Have you or a colleague faced a threatened claim over a shoulder dystocia? Do you worry about when it might happen next? Medical commentators are generally of the view that most shoulder dystocia is unpredictable, often occurs without warning, and that brachial plexus injury may not be preventable. However doctors and midwives still face claims.
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Running the Gauntlet
About: An introduction to risk management in medical practise. This session will look at the frequency of adverse events, medical errors and their correlation to claims and complaints. It explores and discusses the three main factors that influence a practitioner claims and complaint profile; none of which relate to a practitioner’s knowledge, experience or skills.
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iRecords: Is there an app for that?
About: Patients and health providers are increasingly exposed to new information and communication technologies. Keeping up isn’t always easy. This workshop will help create some clarity about how new information and communication platforms might impact on the medical record, and the importance of understanding and managing privacy and governance issues.
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Health Records
About: A webinar suitable for both doctors and midwives that helps understand the role of health records, discusses the risks of paper based and electronic records, uses case studies to explore the medico-legal issues associated with no, poor or good notes, as well as offering practical exercises that can help address areas of vulnerability.
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Teen Endometriosis
Presenters: Melissa Parker (Endometriosis Coordinator and Researcher, Canberra Endometriosis Centre) and A/Prof Anne Sneddon (Gold Coast University Hospital)
About: This webinar looks at findings from a recent study conducted on Teen Endometriosis.
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Stories from clinicians on making the transition to a Caseload Model of Care – Sensitivities, Successes, and Sustainability
Presenters: Prof Jenny Fenewich, Tamzin Mondy, Paula Stanton, Lyn Bunton, Daniel Evans
About: Hear from our panel of clinicians from large and small hospitals, from both metropolitan and regional services as they talk about how they made the transition from traditional hospital based models of maternity care to a Caseload model of Care.
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Aboriginal Birthing Experience
Presenters: A/Prof Stephanie Brown, Trish Strachan, Jackie Ah Kit, Donna Weetra
About: The AFS is a cross sectional population based study investigating the views and experiences of mothers having an Aboriginal baby in SA.
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Presenters: Prof David Ellwood and A/Prof Vicky Flenady
About: This webinar focuses on the use of the PSANZ Guidelines, and looks at investigation and classification of stillbirths.
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Discussions about alcohol consumption during pregnancy
Presenters: Dr Raewyn Mutch, Paediatrician and Linden Rhodes, Midwife
About: This webinar focuses specifically on the role of health professionals in initiating conversations about pregnancy and alcohol.
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The Key Issues for GDM and Obestity
Presenters: Prof Jeremy Oats, Jane Karpavicius, Dietitian and Dr Alison Nankervis, Clinical Head, Diabetes, Royal Women's Hospital
About: Discussing some of the key issues healthcare professionals face when caring for a woman with GDM and obesity.
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Decreased Fetal Movements
Presenters: Prof David Ellwood, Professor of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Dr Vicki Flenday, Midwife
About: Looking at the rationale behind the ANZSA Clinical practice guideline for the management of women who report decreased fetal movements.
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How to sleep as soundly as your babies: minimising claims in women's health
Presenter: Gareth Thomas, Risk Manager, Medical Insurance Group Australia
About: Examine the current trends affecting those doctors working in women’s health and in childbirth practice in particular.
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Litigation risks in Shoulder Dystocia cases
Presenter: Gareth Thomas, Risk Manager, Medical Insurance Group Australia
About: Medical commentators are generally of the view that most shoulder dystocia is unpredictable, occurs often without warning, and can be extremely difficult to manage.
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