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WHA, Women's Healthcare Australasia
June 2018

The Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council is developing a National Strategic Approach to Maternity Services (NSAMS). WHA is keen to facilitate member maternity services having input to the design of this national policy, which has the potential to influence maternity services provision for the next decade.

WHA, Women's Healthcare Australasia
June 2018

The Australian Government Department of Health and the Australian Health Minister' Advisory Council was seeking submissions by Monday 18 June 2018 on a National Breastfeeding Strategy.

Cover of the updated guidelines
April 2018

The Perinatal Society of Australia and New Zealand (PSANZ) has released an updated version of the Clinical Practice Guideline  for care around stillbirth and neonatal death.

The loss of a child who is

March 2018

A new partnership between La Trobe University and four Victorian public hospitals is giving pregnant Indigenous women greater access to “gold standard” maternity care...

January 2018

Perinatal loss is a devastating event for both families and the professionals looking after them.  

In order to ensure mothers and families receive the best care in hospital settings, provision of education using a structured approach is required.

Mater Research Institute –The

January 2018

The first nationally agreed standard of care for women experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding says women should be offered less invasive treatments before considering a hysterectomy – a major operation best done only when other treatments are not suitable.

Heavy menstrual bleeding affects