New Maternity Consumer Representative Special Interest Group

21 March 2019

WHA invite all Maternity Consumer Representatives from our member hospitals to join a new network to discuss the issues that matter to you.  We are pleased to announce this new Special Interest Group that represents maternity consumers within our WHA Member Hospital Network.

This Special Interest Group will meet via Zoom, with support from WHA staff.  Participants will be free to shape the agenda for our two annual meetings.  Our first proposed meeting for 2019 is 1 May, 11.00am - 12.00pm AEST.  The second meeting will be 12 September, 11.00am - 12.00pm AEST.

Below are some suggested aims for this group:

  • To provide maternity consumer representation at WHA member maternity hospitals with a peer network
  • To support consumer representatives in their role
  • To facilitate sharing of experience and insights among consumer representatives into how maternity services can best engage with, and respond to, consumer’s views in the design & delivery of their services
  • To provide a pool of expertise for WHA members to canvass ideas/seek advice on issues related to efforts to improve consumer’s experience of their maternity care
  • To provide advice to WHA and members on tools for effectively capturing consumer feedback (Patient Reported Experience Measures or PREMS and Patient Reported Outcomes Measures or PROMs).

What do I need to do to become involved?

If you are interested to participate in this network, you will need:

  • To be a consumer advisor or representative at a WHA member hospital see
  • To have access to a computer with internet and/or a smartphone
  • To be interested to voluntarily participate in networking with peers at other services across Australia

For futher information, please click here:

If you would like to be involved or you would like to recommend anyone to take part, please contact Dee Patil at the WHA office on or by phone 02 6185 0325