When a health service joins WHA, all staff involved in its maternity care have access to an extensive range of Special Interest Groups (SIGs), face to face networking meetings, and secure online Forums.   These services make it easy to meet and interact with people with similar challenges and responsibilities in other maternity and newborn services. 

WHA members are generous in sharing their expertise, ideas and resources through WHA networks.  Everyone is motivated by the same thing: making things better for women and their newborns requiring hospital care.  

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

The SIGs enable individuals to readily connect with colleagues and peers who share a passion for excellence in one or more areas of women's healthcare.   Our networks are dynamic, solution focused, and typically multidisciplinary.  Participants in all of our SIGs generously share expertise, ideas, examples of best practice, and challenges with one another.  SIGs are open to all interested staff from member hospitals.  


WHA hosts forums, meetings, web conferences, webinars, and workshops, both in person and online, that are dedicated to our members.  The program for each meeting is designed in close consultation with the participants, with a focus on providing opportunities to consider common challenges and share innovations.  The opportunity to meet once a year face to face with peers lays a strong foundation for online web conferences and webinar networking throughout the year.  

Online Forums

Members of WHA have secure access to our online Member’s Community, where all of our members are able to post, view, and comment on content shared on our forums. Members also have the opportunity to post questions and have them answered by a community of dedicated healthcare professionals.  There is now a powerful search engine as well to make it easy to find material relevant to your service or interest.