Honoured Medallists

The Medal of Distinction was established by WHA in 2004 to honour individuals who make an outstanding contribution at a national level to improving the health of women through service provision, leadership or advocacy.

The Medal may be awarded to individuals directly affiliated with WHA, and also to members of the broader community who, through their exceptional endeavours contribute to significant improvements in women’s healthcare.

WHA Medal Recipients:
2013: Vicki Flenady

2011: Prof Sally Tracy
2010: Prof David Ellwood
2009: A/Prof Peter Baghurst
2008: Robyn Collins
2007: Prof Jeremy Oats
2006: Prof David Henderson Smart AO
2005: Prof Jeffery Robinson
2004: Ms Anne Cahill

For those directly affiliated with WHA, the criteria for awarding the Medal of Distinction include a significant period of service to WHA, and sustained leadership and advocacy for women’s health. The Medal of Distinction is not awarded for long service but, rather, for exceptional and meritorious service. For members of the broader community, the criterion is recognition at a national level for leadership and advocacy for women’s health.

The Medal of Distinction is usually awarded at the Annual Conference. The Chief Executive Officer consults with the President and Directors of WHA prior to the Conference for nominations. Generally, one Medal will be awarded each year. On occasions, more than one Medal may be awarded or no Medal awarded. The decision to award the Medal of Distinction is made by the President of WHA in consultation with the relevant Directors.