WHA Safety & Quality in Maternity Care Face to Face Insight Forum 2020


This annual forum brings together senior executive and clinical leaders who are passionate about improving care and outcomes for women and newborns.  It provides a unique opportunity to network with a multidisciplinary group of peers across maternity services, large and small, who share responsibilities for managing & delivering high quality care to women and their families. 

What will the program cover?

This Forum focuses on the practical realities and opportunities involved in striving to deliver safe, high quality maternal and newborn care.  It enables participants to review changing evidence about best practice, consider trends in labour and birth care emerging from WHA’s clinical benchmarking program, and to share learnings & achievements related to efforts to improve the experience and outcomes of care for women and their families. 

Each year we focus on a different theme raised as a priority by members.  In 2018 we looked at the whole issue of rising rates of induction of labour and how to improve the reliability of evidence based IOL care.  In 2019 we discussed Reducing Harm from PPH.  The focus for 2020 will be determined in the coming months in consultation with the WHA Safety & Quality Special Interest Group members. 

Who should attend?

  • Directors of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • Executives of Nursing & Midwifery
  • Directors of neonatal services
  • Executives with responsibility for safety at maternity hospitals & units
  • Medical and midwifery clinicians interested in safety & quality improvement
  • Students & consumers interested in safety & quality improvement in maternity care are most welcome.

Registration costs

Register early or register as part of a small group and receive great discounts for this event. 
WHA are offering a reduced registration fee for members who register before 22 October 2020.  Discount will be appplied automatically when you register. 
If you would like to attend this meeting with colleagues, then you can register 3+ members and receive a discounted Special Group rate.  Please email the event organiser to find out more information.

Member Rates:

  • Member Early Bird Rate*: $570 (+GST)
  • Member Special Group Offer**: $525 (+GST)
  • Member Rate (post 22 October 2020): $620 (+GST)
  • Member 1 Day Rate: $335 (+GST)

Non Member Rates:

  • Non Member Rate: $840 (+GST)
  • Non Member 1 Day Rate: $455 (+GST)

*Registration must be before 22 October 2020 and payment must be received before the event.

** Only applicable when 3 or more delegates, from 1 hospital, register simultaneously via the event organiser. Please email for more details.

Venue & Accommodation

A venue for this meeting will be confirmed shortly.