WHA Rural & Regional Maternity Service

Australian maternity services outside of capital cities face a number of unique challenges.

WHA's Rural & Regional Maternity Service Special Interest Group (SIG) provides a forum for clinicians working in units across Australia to network and share ideas, innovations, challenges and success in their quest to provide safe, quality care to women, babies and their families.

This two day meeting will focus on supporting and sustaining maternity services to meet the needs of local women and their families.

Click here for a copy of the program.

Participants will benefit from hearing from colleagues who have overcome their challenges, as well as ample opportunity to network and share ideas.

Topics that will be covered at this meeting include:

  • Re-envisaging maternity care in small/rural health services,
  • Supporting services to continue to provide maternity care to local communities,
  • Rostering to support sustainable maternity services,
  • Clinical supervision to support safety and quality.

We look forward to welcoming all interested WHA members and non-members to the meeting.

Registration is now open and places are limited. For more information please contact Leila Kelly on 02 6185 0325.

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