WHA Midwifery Group Practice - Benchmarking - Trends Lines - 16 September 2021 at 12:30pm (AEST)


In 2017, Women’s Healthcare Australasia (WHA) moved to help interested members to assess the ongoing clinical performance of their MGP services through sharing data on labour and birth care, and on maternal and newborn outcomes with one another. WHA  now has 50 MGP services a (=7,752 women who birthed) for 30 indicators to provide a comparison of MGP outcomes vs outcomes for women receiving standard care at participating hospitals for each indicator.

It is important to recognizes that MGP services are organised in different ways at different hospitals. To further support meaningful comparisons of like services, participating hospitals report the target group of women for each MGP

These are defined  

  1. Low risk women (with exit indications if complications arise during pregnancy or birth) 
  2. Low risk women (no exit) 
  3. All risk women (excluding women receiving care through an MFM service) 
  4. All women, irrespective of risk 

Does MGP really make a difference? Well let’s look at what the data says.

Barb Vernon, CEO WHA will do a deep dive analysis of the MGP Benchmarking, examining and compare the rates of vaginal birth, inductions, instrumental and caesarean rates compared to Core.
This year due to 4 years of data we are able to examine trend line and celebrate the increase of spontaneous vaginal birth and discuss why induction of labour rates and PPH have increased slightly.

Michelle O’Connor, Midwifery Unit Manager MGP has agreed to showcase Logan MGP through a comprehensive mixed methods evaluation contrasting  with mainstream Qld state data.

If your service is considering implementing MGP, this is the web conference you cannot miss for your business case.

Featured speakers:

Barb Vernon - CEO WHA
Michelle O’Connor - Midwifery Unit Manager MGP, Logan QLD

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