WHA Leading Thinkers Series - Achieving Value in Maternity Care: Bringing Research & Service Delivery Together - 2 December 2021 at 2:00pm (AEDT)


Health services are likely to have reduced financial budgets into the future, and thus there is an increasing need to deliver high value care. High value maternity care will produce the highest level of benefit for women at a given cost.
However, there are a number of barriers to achieving better value in maternity care and I will focus on two in this presentation.

Firstly, many new interventions and treatments are only tested in highly controlled clinical trial environments, and there is often little consideration as to how they will translate into different health service settings.

Secondly, there is a focus on narrow endpoints such as mortality. As pregnancy is not an illness state, and there is no cure or remission to be achieved, patient reported outcomes should be an integral component of benefit quantification when measuring value.

Furthermore, as care impacts more than just health outcomes – particularly in maternity care – there is also a need to consider patient reported experiences as a part of defining the level of benefit.
To overcome these barriers and move towards high-value maternity care, we need to integrate monitoring activities with care, and feed this back into health services to women, clinicians and managers.

Key take away points:

- Local-level evidence for new interventions and treatments is required to determine the likely cost and outcome implications for individual health services;

- Patient reported outcomes and patient reported experience measures should be an integral part of performance monitoring in maternity care;

- The Learning Health System offers a framework for integrating value measurement and continuous improvement into health care delivery, to improve outcomes and experience for women, and reduce health system costs.

Featured speaker:

Associate Professor Emily Callander is a health economist at Monash University, where she is Head of the Women’s Health Economics Unit at the Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation.
She is supported by an NHMRC Career Development Fellowship and leads many NHMRC, MRFF and industry funded research projects.
Emily specialises in maternal and women’s health, with particular interests in value based healthcare, equity and efficiency measurement.
She collaborates regularly with state health departments and individual maternity services to help embed health economic evidence in decision making in maternity care. 

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