Sustainable Healthcare: Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Anaesthesia - 12 July 2021 at 12:30pm (AEST)


The focus of this web conference is how we can reduce the carbon footprint of anaesthesia.

If global healthcare were a country, it would be the fifth largest carbon emitter on the planet. In 2014-15, healthcare alone contributed to 7% of Australia’s total CO2 emissions(link is external) with a majority of this output coming from hospitals.

Of this, anaesthesia is a significant contributor to carbon emissions. An overwhelming 95% of the anaesthetic gas(link is external) administered to a patient, including volatile gases like nitrous oxide, is exhaled and ultimately released into the atmosphere contributing to ozone depletion and the greenhouse effect. The Sustainable Development Unit of the NHS estimates that 5% of the CO2 emissions(link is external) from hospitals in the UK is attributable to anaesthetic agents. A majority of this is due to nitrous oxide(link is external), particularly Entonox use during labour.

In this web conference join Dr Forbes McGain in discussing strategies to reduce the carbon footprint of anaesthesia including:

  • Reducing the total use of anaesthetic agents
  • Swapping gases with a high environmental impact to those with a lower environmental impact
  • Reducing the waste of anaesthetic gases

About the presenter:
Forbes McGain
Anaesthetist and Intensive Care Physician
Western Health

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