Maternity Services: Antenatal Education: Bespoke Co-Design - CALD Antenatal Care - 11 May 2021 at 12:30pm (AEST)



The focus of this web conference is on Antenatal Education at both Mater Mothers Hospital (QLD) and Centenary Hosital for Women and Children (ACT).

Covid provided the unique opportunity for Mater Mothers to reflect on their Antenatal Education Considering consumer feedback.

This all provided the right environment to really shake up and examine Antenatal Education  and really reflect on the “this is how we have always done it attitude”.

Mater has co-designed the Antenatal Education to be a combination of  face-to-face and virtual classes; on both weekdays and weekends. The goal is to empower women as they approach the birth of thier baby, and to get ready for the weeks that follow.

Women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds often have difficulty accessing and attending antenatal education. As a result, these women are particularly concerned and anxious about birth, especially birthing the ‘Australian way’.

Focusing on their top 3 language groups, Arabic, Vietnamese and Mandarin, Centenary Hospital for Women and Children piloted a program of CALD-specific childbirth education.
Under this program attendance went from 10% to 90% of women accessing education with less than a 5% drop out rate.  This was accompanied by a change in their model of antenatal education for all women using a salutogenic approach, which focuses on how to create health rather than avoid illness.

About the presenters:

Kathleen Goldsmith is the Manager of Parent Education and Support at Mater Mothers.

Julianne Nissen is the Clinical Midwifery Manager (Maternity & Gynaecology Outpatients) at the Centenary Hospital for Women & Children.

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