Leading Thinkers Series - Kindness in Action: How Kindness can Transform Healthcare - 22 September 2021 at 12:30 (AEST)

The focus of this web conference is on how kindness can transform healthcare.

"Through this uncertain time... we have planned for the worst. We must now plan for kindness, embed this into our everyday interactions."

There is a danger that kindness, not just towards patients but between staff, is overlooked entirely when organisations are operating at the level of planning, procurement, budgeting and risk management. However, it is known that a positive workplace culture makes a significant impact on the safety & quality of patients. It is time that cultivating a culture of kindness is seen as an integral and valuable part of the business of healthcare.

In 2015, Mary Freer and Dr Catherine Crock AM (Hush Foundation) created Gathering of Kindness, after identifying the direct correlation between organisational negativity and staff wellbeing and effectiveness. The Gathering of Kindness aims to redress this by building, nurturing and instilling a culture of kindness throughout the healthcare system.

"… kindness involves small-scale and sometimes barely visible practices of recognition, help and support, in which individuals – even if they are acting within organisational contexts – respond to the needs of others in ways that are essentially unobligated, often emotionally complex and always deeply social”  (Anderson and Brownlie, 2019)

Kindness can be a powerful transformative tool improving relationships between people, institutions, and organisations and ultimately leading to improved staff wellbeing and better patient outcomes.

What you will take away from this web conference:

  • An understanding of how the power of the Arts can inspire and improve experiences for patients, families and healthcare professionals.
  • Examples of how kindness is the link between patient safety and outcomes, in addition to providing a better work environment for healthcare professionals
  • A new appreciation for the effect that kindness can have in stressful and busy environments

About the Presenter:

Prof Catherine Crock AM 
Founder of the Hush Foundation and the Gathering of Kindness, Prof Crock brings many years of medical expertise and more than 20 years of promoting the importance of kindness in healthcare. Cath currently works as a Physician at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne where she developed a process which reduces pain and anxiety for children and their families, undergoing cancer treatments.

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