Improving Value in Healthcare Series: Restacking the Odds - Ensuring Equitable Antenatal Care - 29 July 2021 at 12:30pm (AEST)


The focus of this web conference is on ensuring equitable antenatal care by using actionable lead-indicators to drive system change. 

To redress inequities, research tells us that efforts should be delivered during early childhood (pregnancy to eight years of age) to deliver the greatest benefits.
Restacking the Odds focuses on five key evidence-based interventions/platforms in early childhood: antenatal care; sustained nurse home visiting; early childhood education and care; parenting programs; and the early years of school.

For systems/services to respond to gaps in performance and delivery, evidence-based metrics encompassing multiple domains (e.g. quality, participation, access) with balance across structure, process, and outcome indicators are required to allow prioritisation of limited time and resource. Current practice sees an over-emphasise on outcome indicators, which gives little direction on what actions could be undertaken to bridge the gap between long-term objectives and current practice. 

This presentation by Prof Sharon Goldfeld & Dr Carly Molloy will outline a suite of evidence-based, measurable, lead indicators of antenatal care built on current evidence and existing national indicators, and share key performance insights learned through working with 6 Australian communities.

  • Evidence-based metrics that will help services respond to gaps in performance and delivery 
  • Quality & delivery performance patterns across 6 Australian communities    

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