Improving Value in Healthcare Series: Gestational Diabetes Mellitus MoC including a digital platform - 28 July 2021 at 12:30pm (AEST)


The Focus of this web conference is on the Gestational diabetes Mellitus Model of Care including the implementation of a digital platform for monitoring

We have the unique opportunity to learn about Mater Mothers' novel Model of Care for Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) which includes the M♡THer platform, a smartphone app designed to help patients better manage and track their condition at home.

The M♡THer platform is available in several languages, designed to replace manual paper-based record keeping by allowing a patient's clinical team monitor key health indicators remotely with patients recording information such as blood sugar levels, blood pressure, weight, diet and exercise directly to the app. Instant updates and text messaging mean that staff members have access to the most up to date blood glucose information directly from the patient at home. The app also minimises the need for patients to come into hospital throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and provides expectant mothers with added flexibility to manage their healthcare needs around their everyday lives.

Since the app launched last year there has been an increase from 60% to 90% engagement in using the Mother platform. The app combined with translated educational resources and videos for patients has allowed Mater Mothers’ Hospital to provide better care to women in their service.

About the Presenter:

Dr Josephine Laurie
Obstetric Medicine Specialist
Mater Mothers’ Hospital, QLD

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