Corporate Partners

WHA acknowledges with thanks the valuable support provided by our corporate partners in enabling WHA to provide netwroking and other services to our members at the lowest possible cost.  

Current Corporate Partners:
Medical Insurance Group Australia
HESTA - information coming soon

WHA is interested in forging and maintaining partnerships with selected not for profits and companies who share our vision and values around enhancing the health and wellbeing of women and babies through supporting health services to deliver excellence in clinical care.  

WHA is committed to finding win/win opportunities with selected corporate partners interested in promoting relevant services or products to our membership.  Once an agreement is entered into WHA will not form a partnership with any competitors in the same service sector.  

Where the WHA Board consideres an applciation from a not for profit or company to become a Corporate Partner with WHA, the Board considers carefully the relevance and quality of services and products provided by the company to WHA members and the potential for a partnership to enhance WHA's efforts to provide benchmarking, networking, education and advocacy services to members. 

WHA is committed to ensuring that it enters into corporate partnerships with organisations that, where applicable, uphold the World Health Organisation's Internaitonal Code on Breast Milk Substitutes, as well as the Marketing in Australia of Infant Forumula Manufacturers and Importers Agreement. 

Any corporate partnership agreement between WHA and a company does not imply endorsement by WHA of the products or services of the company.  

For more information on corporate partnership, please contact our CEO, Dr Barbara Vernon on +61 2 6175 1900 or by email.