Clinical Indicators

WHA offers members access to a highly specialised, member-driven benchmarking program tailored to meet our members’ needs.

WHA is currently accepting submissions for 2016/17 data. Please use the documents below to submit:

Benchmarking clinical care processes and outcomes with peers is vital for women’s health services seeking to assess the quality and safety of maternity care delivered.

Maternity Care Indicators
All WHA members are invited to participate in WHA's annual Benchmarking Maternity Care program. The indicators have been developed and refined by our members, taking into account relevance, capacity to collect valid and reliable data, and competing demands.
Since 1997, results have been collated and provided in de-identified form to members in WHA’s report, Benchmarking Maternity Care.
Data are presented in an easy to interpret format which allows individual members to:

  • assess performance relative to peers
  • identify priority areas for performance improvement
  • evaluate any improvement processes they implement
  • track their own trends over time for specific indicators.

For further information about benchmarking, or to express interest in participating, contact Heather Artuso by email or call (+61 2 6175 1900).