What We Do


Our vision at Women's Healthcare Australasia is to enhance the health and wellbeing of women and newborns through supporting maternity hospitals and health care services across Australia to achieve excellence in clinical care."

In order to achieve this vision, the WHA Board, in consultation with our members, has developed a Strategic Plan for 2016-2020

The Strategic Plan encompasses a range of initiatives to support members to achieve the highest possible standards of maternity & newborn care, including benchmarking, networking, and collaborative improvement projects.  WHA is also active in advocating to governments and other key stakeholders on issues that affect the provision of maternity and newborn care.  


Benchmarking with peers is a valuable tools for health services seeking to assess the quality, safety and efficiency of the care they provide to women and newborns.  WHA offers all member hosptials the opportunity to participate in our benchmarking services. The data collected and shared addresses both clinical performance (interventions in labour, outcomes for babies, etc), and management of the health service (trends in activity, length of stay, costs per patient episode, etc).  

WHA recognises that each maternity service is unique in terms of the community it serves, the facilities and capabilities it has to offer women and families, and the skill mix of clinical teams.  Benchmarks are provided to group services with peers of a similar size and capability, allowing them to compare their performance with similar maternity hospitals throughout Australia.

Benchmarking reports are published annually, and data is also available via a secure on-line portal.  The results of the benchmarking assist services to identify areas where their performance is strong in relation to peers, as well as areas on which they could improve.


WHA makes it possible for like-minded maternity care professionals and service managers to easily connect with one another.  Our members have exclusive access to an array of networks that allow them to communicate with their peers throughout Australia.  These networks communicate on line, via web conferences, and in annual face to face Forums.  

Collaborative Improvement

As part of our commitment to supporting members to achieve excellence in care of women and newborns, WHA facilitates Breakthrough Collaborative Improvement projects. These projects draw upon internationally renowned methodologies for achieving sustained improvement in healthcare settings in terms of outcomes for patients.  

In 2018, a number of WHA member hospitals are working together on reducing harm to women from 3rd and 4th degree perineal tears.  The Collaborative is bringing together hospitals to share the most up-to-date evidence based knowledge about this topic and support the consistent application of best practice perineal care. 


WHA is a respected advocate for the maternity services sector.  Government agencies and other stakeholders seek advice from WHA on a wide range of issues related to the provision of maternity & newborn care.  WHA consults closely with its members on each issue and can speak on behalf of the sector without the restrictions that can apply to individuals employed by a given health service.  We take this responsibility seriously and ensure that all advice or advocacy provided is credible, factual and informed by our members.  Copies of WHA submissions and media releases are published on our website.